Picture: @eleea

Picture: @eleea


The beautiful island state of Hawaii, USA! We are staying on Oahu, Big Island and Kauai. 



5th May 2018 - 23rd May 2018 (3 weeks)


My boyfriend, Chris, and I. We’re also staying with a close friend from Australia for a few nights, and meeting up with a Canadian friend Chris met while traveling in Vietnam.

How (Accommodation + Travel)

Usually I am a total backpacker and don’t mind roughing it when I travel, but considering we’re traveling as a couple, we decided to do a mix of backpacking and luxury (on a budget). We found it was actually the same price or cheaper to get an inexpensive private room somewhere than to pay for two hostel beds. 


In Oahu, we are staying in the Hilton Embassy Suites (we got an AMAZING deal), then on a friend’s lounge room floor (it keeps us grounded - literally haha). 


When we get to Big Island, we are staying in a hostel, but we have rented a car so we can spend most of our time exploring. 


On Kauai we have an Air Bnb, as it was really difficult to find accommodation on Kauai at short notice (I’m going to do a post on this a little later). We’ve also rented a car on Kauai, as our accommodation isn’t really close to town, and apparently there isn’t a great public transportation system on the smaller island. 


We then have one final night in a nice Air Bnb apartment back in Honolulu before we fly home to Australia. 



I had never been to Hawaii before and had honestly never really thought about going there as a holiday destination. However, when I started researching it after my boyfriend surprised me with the plane tickets for my birthday, I realised that there is SO much to see and do. We are both much more interested in exploring the natural beauty of a place than spending our time in cities, plus we spend a lot of time apart due to our travel/work schedules, so we were really excited for this trip! 

How much

I will update this section when I’ve finished this trip!!! I always try to keep the costs down while traveling, and I also keep a really detailed list of everything I spend each day, so I’ll be able to give you a comprehensive breakdown of the expenses we had on this trip. So far, my aim is about $3,000 including everything that I’d be spending on this holiday (accommodation, food, shopping, activities, car hire, internal flights, etc. But excluding the flights to and from Australia). With that budget in mind, it will definitely be a bit more expensive than some of my other trips, but I’m certainly having a bit more luxury this time, which is a nice change!

Eleea Navarro