*Note: blog post originally published 23rd May 2017

*Note: blog post originally published 23rd May 2017

Who - 

I'm an Australian girl, who is currently on a busking, couchsurfing, solo trip around Europe and the United Kingdom. I don't drink, am a vegetarian and have a long-term boyfriend on the Gold Coast, Australia. Back home, I work with shelter animals during the week, am a singer on the weekends, and I'm at the end of a communications degree, double majoring in journalism and public relations. Previously I've traveled through a lot of Asia (including two month-long solo trips), but have never been to this side of the world before! 

When - 

8th May 2017 - 8th September 2017 (4 months exactly!)

Where - 

22 countries.
(Thailand, France, Germany, Austria, Italy, The Vatican, Switzerland, Monaco, Spain, Portugal, Belgium, The Netherlands, Czech Republic, Poland, Hungary, Slovakia, Croatia, Slovenia, England, Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland, Ireland)

Why - 

In 2013, I took my first solo trip to Japan for a month - a little scared, quite disorganised, but very excited. While I was there I had the best time, stepped so far out of my comfort zone and fell in love with traveling, especially solo. I also met a lot of great European friends, who enticed me even more towards my dream of backpacking around Europe. I stayed in steady contact with 2 of those friends over the next 4-years, even traveling to Hong Kong for a week to see my French friend when she was doing an internship there. Every year, something always held me back in the middle of the year, when I wanted to go and do my summer Eurotrip (Miss Universe Australia 2014, The Voice Australia 2015, Miss World Australia 2016). So this year, when I was in Singapore in February with my boyfriend for my birthday, I realised how much I loved traveling and that there was nothing holding me back this year. I'd already been to 8 countries (a couple of them more than once), but they were all I'm Asia, so I was ready for a totally new experience. 2017 was my time to take off!

How -

...surprisingly easily! My singing gigs booked me for when I get back, my work let me have the time off (I gave them 3-months notice), my boyfriend sadly drove me to the airport and promised to spoil my dog, and I'm still paying rent on my apartment while I'm away (a bit inconvenient, but that's life!). It's amazing how easy it is to take 4-months out of your life once you get the ball rolling! I can't wait to share this journey with you, as well as my tips and tricks on what helped me travel well.


So now you know a little bit about me - welcome to my blog and I hope I can answer some questions and inspire you to see this beautiful world we live in, as so many bloggers did for me!