Hong Kong + Vietnam 2014

Picture: @Eleea

Picture: @Eleea


August 2014, 3.5 weeks.


Hong Kong

Vietnam: Hanoi, Hoi An, Nha Trang, Da Lat, Ho Chi Minh


Solo backpacking trip

Run down

My French friend, Margaux (who I'd met in Japan the year before), had moved to Hong Kong for work, so I went to visit her, then went on to Vietnam by myself. Hong Kong was spent partly with her, but also exploring a lot with friends I made in the hostel while Margaux was at work. Wanting to make the most of my ticket to Asia, I went to Vietnam afterwards and loved it. 


- Taking the ferry over to Lantau Island and seeing the big buddha statue.

- Eating a lot of French cakes and pastries with Margaux - we may have been in Asia, but I had a French person with me, so it made sense haha. 

- Getting my fortune read in the markets of Hong Kong. I'm pretty sure they guy was full of it, but it was a pretty funny thing to do!

- Eating at TWO Michelin star dumpling restaurants. They were so good and so cheap!


- Canyoning down waterfalls in Da Lat. I'd highly recommend it to anyone going to Vietnam!

- The beautiful streets of Hoi An, my favourite place. Here, I did a cooking class, got  a beautiful trench coat tailor made at Bebe's tailor shop, and watched the candlelit lanterns floating down the river at night. 

- Boat cruise and snorkelling around the islands of Nha Trang.

- The war museum in Ho Chi Minh. It was difficult to look at all the horror and agent orange victims, but so important to educate yourself.


Eleea Navarro