Malaysia + Indonesia 2010

Picture: Eleea

Picture: Eleea


October 2010, 3 weeks


Malaysia - Kuala Lumpur

Indonesia - Nusa Dua, Ubud, Sanur


Best friend's family trip that I tagged along on.

Run down

This was a family trip and my first trip overseas. I was lucky to go with experienced travellers, but I was still young and was going with the flow. I loved Asia and found all the food, people and a different culture really exciting. This was a really fun trip and a great introduction to traveling.


Malaysia -

  • Visiting the elephant rehabilitation sanctuary;
  • Having fun at the 5 parks that make up Sunway Lagoon theme park
  • All the huge shopping malls and markets filled with fake designer brands

Indonesia - 

  • Visiting the temples around Ubud
  • Going on the flying fish on Nusa Dua beach (inflatable boat that goes up in the air when towed behind a boat)
  • Nasi goreng and mi goreng... mmmm
  • Lots of massages and pedicures/manicures for ridiculously cheap prices
  • The markets in Ubud (and learning how to haggle).


Eleea Navarro