Thailand 2012

Picture: Eleea

Picture: Eleea


August 2012, 2 weeks


Thailand - Bangkok, Phuket


Couple trip

Run down

I went with my boyfriend and as he had traveled more than me, he planned most of this trip. We stayed in nice hotels and did some fun touristy stuff, but we didn't really meet anyone. This was a nice trip and a nice way to travel as a couple sometimes, but I've later learnt that meeting people while traveling is what it's all about for me. 


- A wonderful cooking class in the slums of Bangkok, including a tour through the local food markets first while they gather the ingredients for your class. It's called "Cooking With Poo" (the chef's name haha) and it was a really enjoyable day. It's also part of a great small loans scheme to help women in the slums begin their own business. 

- Shopping... Terminal 21 and MBK centre were great, as well as the Chatuchak Markets. I didn't actually buy very much, but even window shopping was fun. The only thing I didn't like was seeing all of the animals being held in appalling conditions while they were for sale at the Chatachuk markets. 

- We did a boat cruise of the Phi Phi Islands which included lots of snorkelling and a good taste of the beautiful islands. There was lots of food on board and beautiful places to see out on the water, I'd recommend it.

Eleea Navarro